The Basics of Mooring Chains

A9Compared to the common anchoring, permanent mooring systems were specifically designed to allow the owner to leave their boats unattended for extended periods of time. In the majority of cases, mooring would be the most practical and safest option when you want to leave boats in the water regardless of the weather for even week on end. Finding quality mooring chains, like those offered at Qingdao Anchor Chain Company, could be a bit of a challenge but before that it’s important that you have an idea of the ideal kind of mooring chains.

Best Type of Chain for Moorings

Apart from the corrosion that’s unavoidable, the biggest factor that contributes in the accelerated depreciation of chains comes from the continued brushing of the chain on the bottom. What happens is that the sand erodes the metal; that’s why the chains that are rarely seen close to the bottom become surprisingly thin over time. It also won’t hurt to have inspectors periodically check the chain’s integrity.

Selection of mooring chains involve three general considerations namely the diameter or thickness of the chain, the grade or tensile strength and the coil or opening size. Another concern would be the finish on the chain for added protection against corrosion. Those that opt for proof-coil prefer the hot dip galvanized finish for the reason that it’s the more budget friendly choice.

Proof-coil is also called the common coil chain and is stocked by industrial supply houses and hardware stores on a regular basis because of their standard commercial quality. These are grade 30 chains, commonly used for all sorts of restraining and pulling applications. Take note that proof-coil is not ideal for overhead lifting or for cases where optimal tensile and strength is a must. It is the go-to mooring chain type because of the carbon steel metal composition that it comes with. Depending on the chosen finish, proof-coils could appear different from one another. Standard finishes come in colored, plain, hot dip galvanized or bright zinc. Due to the fact that tolerances for proof-coils are not that strict when it comes to inconsistencies in diameter and link size, they’re more affordable compared to precision chains.

Another choice is called the long link which feature elongated links, they’re the practical mooring chain for connections that have to fit mid chain instead of the end link. Because of the longer links, bolt shackles easily fit just about anywhere on the length unlike standard coils sizes where shackles only fit on end links. Apart from those features, long link mooring chains are lighter especially when compared with standard chains.

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